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    Top 5 Student Loan Forgiveness Scams to Avoid in 2021

    Student loan forgiveness scams have been a problem for many years. In 2017, the Federal Trade Commission launched an initiative called “Operation Game of Loans” to combat scammers in the United States. And while the government crackdown did some good, fraudulent student loan forgiveness schemes have continued. Fast forward to 2021, and outstanding student loan [...]

    Refinance Student Loans and Tax Deductions — What to Know

    As the old saying goes, “nothing is certain except death and taxes.” Millions of Americans, though, might be entitled to a generous tax deduction on the interest paid on your student loans. The tax deduction applies to federal and private student loans, including refinanced student loans. Not everyone will qualify, though. Keep reading to learn [...]

    How to Get Rid of Navient Late Payments

    There are a lot of reasons people fall behind on their student loan payments — sometimes it’s as simple as forgetting a due date, other times extreme financial circumstances make student loan payments untenable. Whatever the case, dealing with Navient late payments can be stressful and could leave a negative mark on your credit. Fortunately, there [...]

    The Biggest Student Loan Refinance Bonus Offers Anywhere

    When you refinance your student loans using a referral link, you should receive a student loan refinance bonus. We choose to offer a cash bonus and take a lower advertising commission to pay for it. Other websites keep the profit for themselves. The biggest websites that write about student loan refinancing do not want you [...]

    Your Guide to Nursing Student Loan Refinance Options

    You’re done with nursing school and survived graduation! Time to don scrubs and care for others’ health as a nurse practitioner. But your financial health will also need some attention after grad school. Nursing student loan debt can be overwhelming and raise your blood pressure. The good news is that you have several options for nursing [...]

    When It Makes Sense to Refinance Medical School Loans — And When It Doesn’t

    Refinancing is a common strategy for paying off medical school debt. Whether you’re a doctor in residency, an attending physician or a fellow, you need to know your medical school loan refinance options and how they affect your finances. When you refinance, a new loan is created with a private lender. This lender can be a [...]

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