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The Differences between Scholarship and Student Loan Payouts

Scholarships are generally granted in the same fashion as student loans. Whereas a student loan check is often cut directly to you, the student,...

It’s Never Too Late to Apply for College Scholarships

With college costs, it makes sense to get all the help you can when paying for college. The good news is that scholarships are...

How do Scholarships Factor into and Affect a Student Loan?

Scholarship and Student Loan A scholarship program is like monetary rewards awarded to outstanding students. Sometimes, the fund provided under a scholarship program is not...

Scholarships & Education Loan

Scholarship is boon for students belonging to the weaker sections of the society, who are unable to pursue their education for some reason or...

Top 5 Student Loan Forgiveness Scams to Avoid in 2021

Student loan forgiveness scams have been a problem for many years. In 2017, the Federal Trade Commission launched an initiative called “Operation Game of Loans” to combat scammers in the United States. And while the government crackdown did some good, fraudulent student loan forgiveness schemes have continued. Fast forward to 2021, and outstanding student loan [...]

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